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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mt. Pemigewasset, October 2, 2009

Mt. Pemigewasset Trail, 3.4 miles roundtrip from the Flume Visitor Center parking lot.

Never spend a gorgeous day inside, not if you can possibly help it.

Since the two weekend days ahead of us were supposed to be cold and rainy, we took advantage of this beautiful Friday morning and escaped the confines of our house.

Mt. Pemigewasset seemed a good choice for a hike, being a nice little mountain not far from our Campton home. The girls were rarin' to go.

They ran much of the first half of the trail...

...then they slowed after bounding up a couple of the moderately steep pitches. I caught up with them and we walked together, admiring the beauty of the multi-colored leaves.

Exposed root systems were an object of wonder, especially this one.

Many water and snack breaks were taken, though I suspect our stops were just an excuse to play in the dirt. No matter, comes with the territory of hiking with munchkins.

Eventually we made it all the way up, and Alex let out a joyful holler.

We quickly rounded to the left and touched the high point, where the girls decided they wanted to go barefoot.

Franconia Ridge lay to our east, but much of it was in the clouds. We decided to return to the first ledges and soak up those unobstructed views to the south and west while eating our snacks.

While we were lounging about, Hal and Peg of Trailwrights arrived! Meeting them was an immense pleasure. They were very kind and allowed both the girls to work their "measuring wheel."

We sat with them for a while, the grown-ups chatting and the girls playing with bits of dirt.

After a couple hours on the summit, we headed back down. The girls ran much of the way, stopping now and again to admire bits of nature. Alex noticed this tree had a small pot belly on it. Sage points out the bellybutton.

Another nice day in the mountains with my two vivacious daughters.

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