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Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Highpointing Continues!

The girls just highpointed Maine and will soon attempt Guadalupe Peak (Texas), Humphreys Peak (Arizona) and Wheeler Peak (New Mexico). Follow their adventures on our main blog, Trish, Alex and Sage.

When we return to New Hampshire in October, Sage will resume her quest for the 48 New Hampshire 4000-Footers. I anticipate she'll finish in early November, at roughly the same age Alex was when she finished her first round.


  1. OK - just read about your children's great accomplishments, got the book on Kindle, and read that in ONE DAY! Great book. But my question to you is: When exactly are you planning on telling these girls about the Appalachian Trail? I'm planning on hiking it next year. I thought finishing the 13 peaks I need to climb to finish my 48 while ON the AT was going to be a summer accomplishment! . Just wondering. Actually, time wise, it may or may not happen. . . professional duty calls.

    For the other side of the coin - girls that we wind up pushing too hard - or never try this with a 13 year old who thinks a dream summer is hanging out at the mall with her friends:


  2. Paula, I just read through some of Hannah's web updates from your 2004 bike-across-America trip. What a great adventure! LOVED the posts!!

    The girls and I have discussed walking/biking across the USA, but it's not in our immediate future. If they ever tell me that they really want to go, then we'll leave that very day, lol. Walking or biking across the States is a dream of mine.

    The girls know all about the AT, since it passes over the mountains we call home. :) Every summer, we hand out chocolate bars to thru-hikers we meet on the trails. As of now, Alex and Sage have no desire to do the AT. They both say they'd miss our cats too much. Basically, it's too much time away from home; they don't like being away from our house for more than a few weeks at a time.

    Let us know of your trail journal when you hike, so we can keep up with your progress and meet you on a summit somewhere!

    Have a great time!


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